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24 bone umbrella stand golf umbrella, vladimir putin, the World Cup, an umbrella because it is over, Mr Putin had a cow

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-09
Mr Putin had a cow! These workers are too simpleton, all the foreign female President got wet. The World Cup ended Sunday. France to lift the trophy again, marolon jumped happily; Croatia moment, make the world a taste of the severe grid corporation; Russia is a big winner, putin opened the foreign new situation. But the final act of the episode, let Mr Putin was very angry. What is matter? Originally, the closing ceremony, Moscow suddenly heavy rains. Staff quickly hold up a large black umbrella, cover the suit Mr Putin. Although shortly later, France's President, marolon, female President of Croatia tarot, as well as the FIFA President from cupertino, also have a big umbrella, but the rain is too big, these international politicians have been caught in cold one. Poor from cupertino, clinging to the head. But the rain still beat his bald head banging. Why at first only an umbrella? And so a joke said: Sir, we should take an umbrella? One is enough, they would not let us win, let them pour a drowned rat. But, after all, this is a joke, and the World Cup is Mr Putin's home, have the guest, the guest was caught in the rain to sparse inside hua, which have so treat guests? It is reported that putin afterwards a cow, he said: 'people seem to forget this night, ladies first. 'Marolon you calculate, but Croatia is a female President. Lady first, putin to notice this. But Russia's staff to treat women like this, obviously a little simpleton, flatter really captured the horse on the leg. Estimate the need to revisit. 24 bone umbrella stand golf umbrella
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