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A good umbrella to let you not be afraid of the rain and the sun when you are fishing

A good umbrella to let you not be afraid of the rain and the sun when you are fishing


Introduction of fishing umbrella

It  mainly modified from the combination of beach umbrellas and British tents. People use plugs for fishing umbrellas to be fixed on the ground just like beach umbrellas are inserted in the beach. In order to facilitate fishing rods to be thrown, they are equipped with various elbows. In order to prevent wind, they are equipped with windproof plugs. Air vents, etc., and use aluminum alloy and fiber materials to reduce the weight of the umbrella, thus forming the popular fishing umbrella on the market.

fishing umbrella

The appearance of the fishing umbrella is not important. It is strong and durable. 

When choosing the size of a fishing umbrella, you need to pay attention to the considerations for buying a fishing umbrella. 

Through the below 5 points, let's talk about how to choose a good fishing umbrella, a good fishing umbrella It is not only wind-proof, rain-proof, but also sun-proof. The angler is in the wind and sun by the river all year round, so a good fishing umbrella can effectively protect the angler.

Fishing umbrellas are different from fishing rods. Fishing rods are used for fishing, while fishing umbrellas are used to protect the angler from sunburn, wind and rain. Therefore, an umbrella that is durable, windproof, rainproof and UV resistant is particularly important.

fishing umbrella

1. The size of the fishing umbrella should be small. Fishing is an outdoor sport, so the fishing umbrella should be small and light, so that it is convenient to carry when going out. If it is too large, it will easily cause inconvenience to carry.

2. The fabric of the fishing umbrella should be thick. If you touch the fishing umbrella with your hand, you can clearly feel the thickness of the fishing umbrella. You can use an ordinary umbrella for comparison. The thickness of the fishing umbrella is at least 2-3 times thicker than that of the ordinary umbrella, so that it can be very good. Resistant to ultraviolet rays.

3. The fishing umbrella fabric should be strong. Pull the fabric with proper force with both hands to see if the stitching position is firm and firm. Look carefully to see if the surface of the fabric is delicate, uniform and shiny. Since fishing umbrellas are often exposed to the sun, the fabric must be strong.

4. The fishing umbrella should be protected from ultraviolet rays. Use a strong flashlight to irradiate the fabric of the fishing umbrella to see if it can penetrate the past. If it can’t penetrate the past, it means that it has better UV protection and is optional. If it can penetrate the past, it means it is UV resistant. Ability is relatively poor.

5. The ribs of the fishing umbrella must be tough. Use your hands to perform a toughness test on the fishing umbrella bone. Twist the umbrella bone into a bow shape to see if it can recover. If it can recover, it indicates that the umbrella bone has better toughness. The strength of the toughness of the umbrella bone can judge the windproof ability of the fishing umbrella.

fishing umbrella

Fishing umbrella

There is no uniform official standard for fishing umbrellas. According to the regulations of major manufacturers in the industry, the diameter of the umbrella surface is roughly 1.8 meters, 2 meters, and 2.2 meters (taking into account the curvature); distinguished from the fabric, there is polyester , Rubber cloth, etc.; 

From the umbrella stand, there are sesame poles, galvanized poles, aluminum poles, etc.; in the style, some have an opening for easy lifting. Some have the function of a double-layer umbrella, airy, breathable and beautiful in shape. 

It can be said that people’s pursuit of fishing umbrellas is not just about functions. A beautifully designed and advanced fishing umbrella reflects the fisher’s appreciation and enjoyment of the variety of life and fishing culture.

Fishing umbrella

Fishing umbrella is convenient to carry, durable, windproof, rainproof, UV-proof, and beautiful in appearance, which is the future development trend. 

The current fishing umbrella needs to be improved in terms of waterproofness. Need to rely on new materials and new processes to solve and improve product quality. 

As a younger generation of the umbrella family, the fishing umbrella still has a lot of room for development.

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