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A super wind-resistant umbrella that business elites must choose

A super wind-resistant umbrella that business elites must choose


With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more high-net-worth customers will choose outdoor activities, and golf should be their first choice. 

The origin of golf: "Golf turned out to be a game for shepherds to pass the time." From ancient times to the present, there has been an interesting legend: a Scottish shepherd accidentally used a shepherd's stick to throw a cobblestone on his way home. 

By hitting the rabbit hole, people were inspired to invent the sport of golf.

With the sport of golf, naturally it should also have its supporting facilities. Because it is an outdoor sport, a good umbrella is essential. The biggest feature of golf umbrellas is that they have a large open umbrella and the size is generally  between 25 inches and 32 inches.

It will be a bit heavy to pick up, because of this, its quality is very good and can withstand great wind and rain. Although it is called a golf umbrella, in real life, it is not only used on golf courses, but also seen everywhere in daily life.

Common types of golf umbrellas are: straight hand open golf umbrella, straight automatic golf umbrella, and two-fold self-opening golf umbrella. Today we are going to introduce an automatic straight golf umbrella. 

A variety of colors are available, the umbrella surface is enlarged, and the diameter under the umbrella can reach 98cm, which is enough for two people. The 16-bone business long-handled umbrella can effectively resist wind. Although there are many similar umbrellas on the market, a careful comparison will highlight the advantages in some details.


Umbrella ribs: On a rainy day, the worst thing is not not having an umbrella, but having an umbrella, but it is worse than not having an umbrella, so the umbrella rib plays a decisive role. And now with the continuous upgrading of products, more and more umbrella ribs will use glass fiber, which has the characteristics of no rust, high temperature resistance, wind resistance and rainstorm resistance. 

The umbrella frame made of it is not easy to break and can resist. The storm hits. This umbrella is made of 16-bone fiber ribs, which is strong in wind resistance and toughness. With it, there is no need to waver in the wind and rain anymore.



Umbrella cloth: With the development of modern technology, the umbrella cloth becomes thinner and thinner, but it does not affect its sun-shading and sun-proof effect, and it will not leak rain. 

This umbrella is made of NC cloth, which is wear-resistant, light and thin, and has high elasticity, softness and comfort, and is easy to clean. And with the ultra-micro nano structure, raindrops fall on the umbrella, the water droplets are formed in an instant, and the rainwater will automatically slide off. Gently shake it before putting it away, it will fall off, super water repellent.



Handle: extended frosted umbrella handle, rubber paint process, comfortable grip, non-slip, delicate hand feel, comfortable and sweat-absorbing, even if it is held for a long time, it will not be too shabby. And the big round button, you can open the umbrella with one click, and you can free up one hand to take things or hold a child. No matter how hard it is, I can easily deal with it.


In fact, golf umbrellas are not only used on golf courses, but can also be used as walking sticks for the elderly in some special circumstances. Sometimes when you get tired from walking, you can walk with an umbrella. Take advantage of its long handle.

In summary, in the formation of a product, each component plays an important role. A good umbrella needs the support of multiple components. Each process and materials are also very particular. You have to test it yourself and use it before you know its usefulness.

This golf umbrella comes in a variety of colors, including rainbow colors. You can choose according to your preferences and mood. We also accept customized services and customize exclusive umbrellas.


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