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Advertising umbrella, custom logo umbrella, how much do you know about process?

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-13
The umbrella gradually became known as a carry a thing. As incremental improvements were made in the umbrella, and basically do it from the older ones each an umbrella, and the advertising umbrella, as a modern form of the most commonly used advertising carrier, it not only have great mobility, colorful and good visual effect, can not restricted, and pattern design structure can be arbitrary choice, beautiful and durable, high quality and low price, and other advantages, is loved by more and more enterprises enthusiasm! First of all, let us know about the umbrella customize logo process: 1, according to customer requirements for design, specifications, fabrics, color, etc, determine product material; 2, design the customer can sign the contract, after the confirmation of small orders, require full payment to arrange production, big orders generally should hand in the 30% payment for orders, arrange production preparation; 3, due to the printing process has many uncertain factors, Such as the fabric of cylinder, producing electric points, ink color, printing, etc. ) , is likely to cause sealed samples with customer delivery of finished umbrella umbrella have off color, hope we can understanding; 4, customer need to pay the order balance before shipment; 5, special requirements, both sides communication to talk things over solve. Quanzhou yi xin trading co. , LTD. Is specialized in umbrella for 20 years, has been involved in intelligence, charging treasure, inverted umbrella umbrella, umbrella color umbrella, umbrella, folding umbrella, golf umbrella, fillet rods umbrella, children umbrella, advertising gift umbrella, rain or shine, and so on. Welcome general customers friends consulting customization.
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