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An umbrella you must own for important occasions

An umbrella you must own for important occasions


With the acceleration of the pace of social life and the rapid development of the economy, more and more people have become "trapeze", especially for most business men, more than half of a month are shuttled between various airports and go out. , You always need something that can shield yourself from wind and rain, so a good umbrella is essential. And to be worthy of identity and appear formal, the business umbrella was born.

Business umbrellas generally use black and blue as the main color, to show nobleness and formality. Even in the stormy weather, you have to travel on business as a last resort, a high-quality business umbrella can accompany you in the rainstorm

business umbrellas

In fact, this is also a manifestation of business etiquette. Attending important banquets or meetings, you must not only pay attention to your appearance, speech and manners, but also have a good handbag and a high-quality business umbrella. This can also reflect the direct mutual respect between people and show that you attach importance to this banquet.

So, how to capture everyone's attention with details in a plain business umbrella? The sense of design is very important. When I saw this umbrella, I couldn't help but share it with everyone.

This is a semi-automatic umbrella with a long log handle, a gentleman's taste, full of light and luxury style. We cannot control the changes of the weather, but we can choose a good umbrella to keep our mood still beautiful.

The characteristic of the umbrella is its handle, non-slip wooden handle, thicker wooden handle, taken from the old rattan wood grown in the mountains for more than 10 years, after high-temperature steaming, peeling and straightening, sanding and polishing, and manual fire-roasting. Such practices include Easy to hold to increase friction and prevent slippage. Take a closer look and you will understand that the texture and high-level sense of something that has been carefully crafted through multiple processes is indescribable, and you can only experience it after you have used it.

wooden umbrella

The semi-automatic switch design, whether it is wind or rain, driving, holding a child, or holding objects in your hand, it doesn't matter. It can be opened quickly with only one hand, which easily solves the cumbersome feeling of opening the umbrella with both hands.

business umbrella,wooden umbrella

We all know that the texture, thickness, and appearance of various umbrella fabrics are different, and the basic rain resistance will also pass. This long-handled wooden umbrella is made of high-density water-repellent impact cloth, which is wear-resistant, quick-drying and easy to take care of. The moment the water drop touches the umbrella, it will form water droplets, just like the rain droplets on the lotus leaf will form droplets of water droplets, lightly shake it, the water droplets will slip off. This is especially important for people attending important occasions. 

No one wants to get wet all over, and then go to a banquet or meeting, the whole person will be very uncomfortable. When the clothes are wet, the mental state of the whole person will also be affected. Relatively poor.

business umbrella,wooden umbrella

In addition to the material, the workmanship of the umbrella frame should also be taken into consideration. It is the place where the details are reflected. The wooden business umbrella  frame adopts a stable structure, the middle rod is reinforced with steel material, and the support frame is made of glass fiber, which can withstand a tensile force of about 10kg. In heavy wind and heavy rain, it is not easy to be blown over, and the service life is longer.

business umbrella,wooden umbrella

Its color breaks through the previous black and gray, boldly using other brighter colors, but it is not too exaggerated, and it is a little low-key in luxury. Business black, wise blue, temperament gray, rich red, dark jade green, five shades of color, unassumingly simple design, can reveal a kind of low-key gorgeousness in the vague, showing the elegance of business men.

business umbrella,wooden umbrella

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