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Become angry color umbrella, umbrella, chameleon, color changing umbrella, let us enjoy the colour of life

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-11
Creative change life, especially in this era of rapid development, we constantly improve the standard of living, the requirements for the quality of life also gradually improve, many products will become more creative. In the tropical rain forest, there is a kind of reptiles, Chinese name we call him old world, but we used to call it a chameleon, the complexion of the chameleon can with the environment, temperature and the change of the mood. Creative life many of our products for the chameleon, such as color changing mugs, color changing glass, color lipstick, color glasses, and we want to talk about today's color changing umbrella. Actually color this idea is not a modern invention, in ancient times of our predecessors had already mastered the technique of color, just was not perfect, and the application of mass, so it is difficult to promote be familiar. Now, after the improvement of the generations, the water color umbrella have been able to large-scale promotion, streets and even can see color changing umbrella on a rainy day and beautiful scenery. Color changing umbrella in sunny day is white pattern, under the influence of water when the design with water on rainy days, will find design gradually changed color, blue, green, pink, red, colorful, very clever. Believe that if a color change under the influence of water to the child umbrellas, believe that children will love rainy day, fall in love with umbrellas, fall in love with the beautiful colors! ! ! ! Let's enjoy creative, enjoy the life color!
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