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Become angry color umbrella, umbrella, the water color umbrella, rain and hot summer with TA

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-10
As we all know, the summer heat and rainy to tell everyone a exciting news this year, the strongest typhoon 'maria' is going to hit the weather bureau has issued the latest information center, the strongest typhoon wind 'maria' level up to 15. No problem can you ask you scrape ran scared so we here remind everybody out must remember to bring an umbrella umbrella species too much now, various styles but one may let you shine at the moment is the water color umbrella early in ancient times people try to treat water color painting is to use this special color ink but due to no energy production technology is not up to par but has now been perfectly solved the 'color' this concept has been widely used in our lives change color glasses, color glass, color changing mugs, color changing umbrella heat, for you hold up a piece of a cool torrential rain makes you feel like the color of the umbrella can blossom beautiful Taiwan imported ink, printing 25 years senior engineer, silk screen bubble in the sea water also won't rub off an infinite number of color changing cycle accompany you every rainy day. City yi xin, the water color umbrella, printing effect is good, and has the full backing of the patent. I can give you a satisfactory design.
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