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Chameleon, color changing umbrella, the water color umbrella, umbrella industry

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-03
When I was a child to a curious, is a chameleon! The chameleon, also called avoid service sauria service division of reptiles. Chameleon is good at with the changes in the environment, at any time change their body color. Once fantasized oneself also can have this kind of ability, to let others see at hide-and-seek. But it's only a dream. Fantasy to fantasy, but the umbrella can change color, this is real happened. Along with the progress of The Times, science and technology developed, can change color umbrella also boarded the stage of this era. Color changing umbrella in fact is not so magical chameleon, can change as the environment, changing its color. Color changing umbrella when drying pattern on the surface of the umbrella is white, but if it will start to change color after wet in the rain, so it is bai called umbrella family of chameleon - — The water color umbrella!
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