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Chameleon, color changing umbrella, want to change it, change color umbrella to your individual character is dye-in-the-wood

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-04
Everyone knows the chameleon is a very strange reptile, it is famous for can change color, so is it itself will change color or it change color due to environmental change. Chameleon leading producer in Africa, on the other side of the tropical rain forest environment is very complex, the food of the chameleon are mainly insects, but you don't know is the chameleon on a single food prone to anorexia, sometimes to death, for refusing to diet the smack of nothing more. Chameleon through different environmental change, change color, to confuse predators and their prey, and so on, it's really let us wonder. In our umbrella industry, also has 'the chameleon', is our color changing umbrella under the influence of water, it is by the water color attracts a great fans, what is the ultimate meaning of color umbrella? In fact, as early as a few hundred years ago with the ancients invented the water color painting, stunned by letting a person. In today's highly developed science and technology, the 'color changing' already widespread application in People's Daily life, such as color glass, color lipstick, color glasses, color glass, and color changing umbrella. Color changing umbrella tips from the umbrella to the special color ink, usually hidden on the umbrella, one to rain will appear beautiful and colorful patterns. So magic color umbrella is really want to have, want to feel the magic of it?
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