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Children's umbrellas whose creativity will turn magic

Children's umbrellas whose creativity will turn magic


As the youngest and most energetic new generation of children, if you want to design an umbrella for your child, then the color must be bright, coupled with a very personalized cartoon pattern, combined with some detailed design, really make an umbrella Umbrellas that are safe and designed in line with children's personality

And we all know that children are lively by nature and love to fight, so the design of children's umbrellas is to play a warning role and ensure that the details are safe.

Today I have a best children’s umbrella that can do magic. I want to share it with you. This is a straight-handled children's umbrella specially designed for 2-6 years old babies. The key point is that it is an umbrella that will change color when exposed to water, giving children a colorful childhood. Below we will analyze why this children’s umbrella is suitable for children from four aspects: Safety, Wind resistance, Switch safety and anti-pinching, Kids umbrella cloth that can change color

kids umbrella

Safety:From the appearance point of view, raindrops and umbrella caps are the most directly visible, and whether it is safe is also obvious at a glance. Children like to touch everywhere, and like to sway the umbrella casually, so the umbrella tip should not only be designed into a round shape, avoid sharp corners, but the kids umbrella beads should also choose high-quality large-particle new plastics.

 These details of this children's umbrella handle well done, safe and round raindrops combined with square safety umbrella hats to prevent children from accidentally injuring themselves or other children

best children's umbrella

best children's umbrella

Wind resistanceAdults often cannot control their umbrellas when encountering strong winds, causing the umbrella surface to be blown over. For children, if the umbrella bones used are not strong enough and not durable, they will be easily blown over or even blown over. It blows and the child doesn’t know how to break the umbrella back, so the firmness of the umbrella stand must be guaranteed.

This kids umbrella uses a fiber umbrella stand and fiber ribs. The quality and weight can be achieved at the same time. The fiber material is light and does not have a weight-bearing feeling. It avoids carrying for a long time and putting pressure on the child's body. The umbrella frame made of fiber material is not easy to be broken, is not easy to rust, and is beautiful and practical.

best children's umbrella

Switch safety and anti-pinching: Because it is a manual switch, it is easy to be pinched when folded. Umbrellas suitable for children are often designed as simple as possible. According to children’s habit of retracting umbrellas, this children’s umbrella is directly designed to open and close without buttons, directly push up and down, the elasticity is more flexible, and it avoids being clamped by buttons. The possibility of injury.

kids umbrella

Umbrella cloth that can change color: We have just mentioned that this is an umbrella that can turn magic, so what is the magic of it? In fact, it is the particularity of its umbrella cloth.

If you think about it, when you are walking on the road, the pattern on the umbrella suddenly changes from black and white to colorful, and the mood that is slightly depressed because of the inconvenience of traveling on rainy days will also be happy.

So what is the principle? Let us find out. In fact, it's very simple. This umbrella that can change color when exposed to water mainly depends on its special ink, which uses silk screen technology to make the color change effect. The fabric is first printed on a white background, and then the color that needs to be changed is printed, and then covered with ink that becomes transparent when exposed to water. When it is dry, it is white. When it meets with water, the white ink on the surface becomes transparent, showing the color underneath.

With just such a few processes, many magic umbrellas are produced, which not only bring people a visual surprise, but also an umbrella that can change your mood and make you a color-changing umbrella that is not depressed on rainy days.

The small deer pattern on the children's umbrella, after encountering water, changes from a lifeless small deer to colorful and more vivid.

Many people will definitely have questions. Since it is the result of printing, after washing with rain for many times, the discoloration effect is gone. In fact, there is no need to worry at all. The pattern will be white after drying. After the water is colored, it will return to the white pattern when it dries, and it will change color when it rains. The effect of the color change will not change.

kids umbrella

This kids umbrella has a variety of patterns to choose from, suitable for little girls and little boys, and the umbrella buckle can be customized according to the preferences of children, full of childishness and design.

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