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Choose good umbrella, how to choose the right umbrella, sun umbrella, how be fond of according to oneself choose an umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-27
How to choose the right umbrella, know what they value most umbrella of function. Choose the sun umbrella, for example, if the focus is prevented bask in, you should first consider the SPF ( Uv index) And light transmittance, this focus on fabric choice, even from good quality brand in consideration. Because we have the most information about the umbrella is provided by the manufacturer, and only choose reputable manufacturers can be assured. If you want to choose an umbrella, will mainly starts with the umbrella, because the alternative umbrella important is the test of its ability to resist wind. The choice of fabrics are different with the sun umbrella. Such as nylon is very suitable for the umbrella fabric because the quality is light, rain ability good and the price is cheap. If focusing on the design, like to choose one of the most beautiful umbrella, became the most gorgeous flowers in summer, it can consider han edition umbrella, umbrella, umbrella of Chinese style tradition such as the beautiful and distinctive umbrella. We all want to have a lightweight, portable and durable, beautiful, be able to bear or endure dirty, rain and set in one umbrella, but often the price, such as nano umbrella. If do not have enough money in his pockets, then consider what you want, then choose the ( ) Target the beginning and then choose the umbrella. First to find regular brand, general regular brand products are large supermarket or a retail store. But is not to say that in a supermarket or store to buy is once and for all. Or we need to have good judgment, and the pursuit. When the choose and buy on the net the authenticity. Personal experience summed up as follows: first, to see whether the kinds of umbrella is complete, whether to provide authorization, and overall credibility, and see if the baby description, detailed picture is complete, if there is a current picture of umbrella, umbrella, umbrella set of photos, etc. This information is important for consumers, and can reflect the professional and serious attitude, can easily see if there is a spot. But the main or through communication, see if its by agents of the brand, particularly to questions on the details, such as may interrogate the fabrics of umbrella and umbrella material, after-sales service of the enterprise, also can put forward your request, let the shopkeeper recommend to you, whether it can meet the requirements of you it is very important, can examine a manned professionalism and aesthetic ability. What should we check after get the umbrella to get the umbrella after very happy, of course, but be sure to check carefully, the first is to see label: according to the national request the umbrella sign should be marked as SPF, umbrella fabric, composition of umbrella and umbrella surface size, these are important indicators, and whether their selected models. Because even if the design is same, if the article number of the different materials may be different, the price also sent a lot of ah, so it is recommended to use the auction with pay treasure to deal, although trouble but these are all taobao a protection for consumers. The seller can't do any hands. The second is to examine an umbrella. First, take umbrella by cap should be sealed tight cannot have loose phenomenon; An umbrella rod should be no rust, no cracks, brightness is normal; Umbrella handle with the umbrella rod joint should firmly without loose phenomenon; Umbrella light because the spring flexible switch positioning effect; Self-opening umbrella should be closed umbrella reliable and should not be out of control; Must have better performance, the spring on the umbrella support each joint should strong luster. The usage of helmets and bare wire for sealing. The umbrella to uniform design and color, and clean with no stains
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