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Color changing umbrella, change in an instant

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-08
Every day is pay attention to it, but this kind of weather - — Travel not only inconvenient, but also affect the mood. The umbrella is not convenient to carry and also don't like to always carry, because met a can change the color of the umbrella, changed the dislike of rainy days and abandon to bring my umbrella. This is a very novel and unique color umbrella, umbrella surface design can meet after the rain change color, the color changing umbrella or meet for the first time. Favorite choice when buying or because his umbrella surface design, elegant figure of light green lotus leaf, a green can bring a good mood, in an unexpected rain, once there, see the umbrella surface originally white lotus, slowly turned into a pink, and it is so amazing. The color changing umbrella design is indeed a umbrella of technological innovation. Many breakthrough product of the imagination, are not refresh our perception of traditional products. Is the color changing umbrella, let me this for a rainy day is not very like of the person also can become accustomed to the slowly, a lot, sometimes in life we all because of one thing, an object or casual a word, let originally think we changed some things.
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