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Color changing umbrella, facebook, the water color umbrella, the quintessence - Get facebook

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-12
In the Chinese culture, has a variety of quintessence. Go, table tennis, drama, etc. But in opera, sichuan opera face is famous at home and abroad. It can transform in a flash, the color of the facial makeup, let everybody simply astounding. In family of umbrella, also has such an artifact of the members, it is - — Color changing umbrella. In what is now with the support of science and technology, the umbrella of the color changing umbrella is divided into the water change color and uv discoloration. Its raw material is through the umbrella surface printing process improvements, and some special raw materials, to achieve the effect of these change color. You can imagine, when you hold the umbrella in shopping, suddenly the sky appeared dark clouds, then those dots of rain drops down, this time your umbrella like cooperate with god, slowly from one color to another color, this wonderful changes, will let you instantly become the focus! Want to know more about the water change color umbrella can contact us
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