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Color changing umbrella, it is more than one side

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-10
China historically, everything from scratch, it takes a brave start manufacturing. Take an umbrella, the most simple tools, one of the most primitive life flow ancient up to now, is deeply human joy. Is convenient to use and do not break in the deck, types of umbrella very much now, colorful flowers figure is uneven, but people also in constant innovation, the thought of you, it has come out to let you fondle admiringly, you didn't want to accept, but in the popular view, had to follow suit. Let's take a look at a new umbrella, umbrella to change color. What is the color changing umbrella, popular, from the literal meaning, the umbrella can change color, seems to be amazing. Yes, really very magical, it USES a special layer, collisions with the rain, will show the other side of the magic. Not 2 umbrella, is the effect of an umbrella. This is more than just the rain baptism of the nature. Color changing umbrella, now in the domestic use is more, but few that amount to mark, formal production in, always pay attention to the patent, exquisite texture, exquisite cutting edge. Yi xin is one of them, change color had applied for patent, so up to standard. In all kinds of umbrella surface is widely used. After take out publicity, after 90, 00 the unbridled youth, flamboyant, daring!
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