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Color changing umbrella, lotus color umbrella, the color changing umbrella, more color in the trip

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-07
Zebra zebra you don't fall asleep again let me see you injured tail I don't want to touch your wound scar I just want to lift your hair zebra zebra you back to your home but I waste my cold in your city isn't there a door open for me, I will back on the road, after all, song dong ye work often in lyrical narrative clue implied in the tone, in the simple image frames profound picture, let a person miss, absence, they cannot hold tight, guessing; They are easy to arouse strong sense of pictures, movies in your mind, but because of the narrative clue wandering and wandering, let a person hard to piece together correctly. Look at the color of black and white stripes, we seems to have some color, what you want, can be unlimited imagination. Do an umbrella, color changing umbrella, realize the colour of your dream! Or something to your idea, let's achieve for you, such as color umbrella can this: lotus color umbrella, lotus was sing echoing through the ages literati's object, but most scholars are amazed by its clean appearance, capacity, and its conditions of eye; While the prose boutique instead, through to the lotus image and the description of quality, praised the character of lotus firmness, which also shows the noble personality, the author sees itself not to go and to make general contempt and disgust
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