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Color changing umbrella, photosensitive discoloration, encounter water discoloration, amazing! The umbrella will be magic

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-08
Lamborghini have color change under the influence of water, the appearance of the car with variable temperature type of paint materials, generally not know ahead of time to wash Turner, will jump thought he screwed the car paint, because the body will appear under the influence of water. Can't afford to lose can't afford to lose! ! ! Color changing umbrella has 3 kinds: respectively is 1, photosensitive color principle: use sunlight to control the color change. Any light, luminous light-emitting materials: absorption, glows in the dark. 3, moisture change color: color changing umbrella before white water-based ink, water can be turned into other colors. So the effect of the color changing umbrella can continue, time is how long? 吗? Many friends worry about a few times of rain, there is no effect, but that doesn't exist, in not before the water color is white, the water is color, after cycling infinite number of times, the effect of the color change will not change.
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