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Color changing umbrella, sunny date with sunshine, rain let the mood even more beautiful

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-07
So this time, trill fire source is not only the happiness of everybody some tips below the real practical the thumb up 100 w + photo skill will restart your new gate points minutes become fairy, not letter you see learned, you just hang onto the open life 1, cross over the camera, and then switch to the panorama mode 2, start from the bottom, and smoothly move up watching the trill thought benefits but you still want to quick phone photography as a master step! Maybe you also have such confusion: there is a high 1 pixel's mobile phone, but always take out a photo of satisfaction, bought SLR only to find that it is better to be mobile phone is convenient. Very not easy to go out a trip, but the results do not nine pictures of good friends, want to die of heart have. The Times of watch face picture a will take pictures of girl, wherever he goes is the scenery! A will take pictures of the girl whether travel, or in the downstairs area, take pictures are large, wherever he is. Above this umbrella well, tell you, it will change color to brush a trill color a magic to make you crazy rose powder in hunan TV's day day up program has mentioned this magical color umbrella, umbrella is very popular recently oh, to keep up with the pace of luo color worthy of a umbrella go out cool!
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