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Color changing umbrella, the water color umbrella, my color umbrella 'ravenous' already

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-06
Hunan satellite TV 'day day up' program had unveiled a encounter water will change color umbrella, all the rage, so what is the principle of color change under the influence of water? Color changing umbrella under the influence of water USES is actually a special white ink, a clear star it is white, a rainy day all over the sky star becomes colorful. Someone will ask, how long is this color changing umbrella under the influence of water use fixed number of year? Will all of a sudden which day will not be able to change color? Here we are responsible to tell you that the color changing umbrella under the influence of water is unlimited, circular color, don't worry about the effect becomes poor or no problem. In ancient times there is also a painter to paint will use special inks, production can meet water bloom of the traditional Chinese painting, but, after all, the rare, and now we would apply this technology to the umbrella and brought to public life, a sweeping rain is depressing and depression. Like it had an umbrella, so will hate rainy days? I'm afraid I hope rain every day, play out 'about' enjoy 100% of lead, or opening an umbrella at home can only shower.
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