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Color changing umbrella, umbrella factory, umbrella, the original can be so interesting

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-05
Recently on the market have this umbrella special fire, called color umbrella, why? Because the umbrella can have the function of the color change, many strange, what? The umbrella can change color? This technology? Take it out and have a look. Due to the attention of people, so more and more people on the Internet to search the umbrella color principle, is what makes it can become a can change color from ordinary umbrella umbrella, the principle of color changing umbrella has become a special want to know a problem. In fact, I tell you, it is not that complicated, you can be understood as an authority, as an organ of the magic, authorities opened. Umbrella umbrella manufacturer is how to do this? This paradox is white coating under normal conditions, when he met the water over there after they became transparent, transparent and then put the cover design is displayed. To this end, the water color umbrella also because strange color principle, also went to hunan satellite TV variety show, by everyone audience attention and love, let you also have a good mood on rainy days. Then the color changing umbrella is made up will be very complicated? You can customize their own pattern design? The effect will be a period of time will fail?
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