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Color changing umbrella, umbrella, umbrella design this year is too high, will change color

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-05
Along with the rapid progress in science and technology, continuous improvement, we become more and more high to the requirement of the product life, more and more creative, have car umbrella, has a mobile phone the size of umbrella, fishing umbrella, with umbrella, wearing a hat and a color umbrella in the rain will change color. Many of the design to my eyes, to design the umbrella designers also heartfelt admiration, originally the umbrella is not so simple. Umbrella as an indispensable daily necessities of people's lives, sunny sun, rain can block rain, multi-purpose at a stroke, is the home, travel supplies. Different occasions usually use different umbrella, umbrella cap is very convenient, the release of the hands, is the umbrella surface is a little small, is similar to the old hat, but more lightweight and comfortable. The umbrella you may have heard, but the color umbrella have you heard of it, understand? A rain will change color, it is so tsundere, is very creative in luoyang before a female painter painted color umbrella, umbrella after the water surface of blossoming out Cha purples purple peony, can saying is very beautiful, color changing umbrella on a rainy day is absolutely let you to lead.
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