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Details Of Several Outdoor Umbrellas

Details Of Several Outdoor Umbrellas


Outdoor umbrellas are also called courtyard umbrellas because they were mainly used for shading in the courtyards of nobles at the beginning of the design. 

The attractive shape, effective sun protection and low-cost outdoor commercial advertising are more conducive to his continuous promotion.

According to the shape, outdoor umbrellas can be divided into side pillar umbrella, Roman umbrella and banana umbrella. 

One.Side pillar umbrella

1. The side pillar umbrella column is independent on one side and has a 100% space utilization rate. Avoid the trouble and embarrassment of perforating traditional parasols in use.

2. Precisely designed transmission mechanism and pulley system

3. There is an umbrella on the umbrella formed by the venting port, which is beautiful and beautiful, and cooperates with the umbrella base to withstand strong winds below level 5.

4. The main body and the seat are separated design, which is convenient to separate or combine

5. The side pillar umbrella cloth can be easily removed and cleaned.

6. Equipped with marble base, iron bracket, electrostatic spraying on the surface.

Side pillar umbrellas can be made into different vertical edges (no vertical edges, wavy edges, straight vertical edges), widen the width of the vertical edges, thicken the ribs, increase the marble base, different domestic or imported fabrics, and heighten the umbrella. Height etc.

Side pillar umbrellas

Two.Roman umbrella

1.The Roman umbrella is also called a 360-degree rotating umbrella. It is the most powerful outdoor umbrella. It can rotate one circle in the horizontal direction or 90 degrees in the vertical direction. Shading with Roman umbrellas is currently the most creative and casual way of shading on the Chinese market.

The area under the umbrella is open, tables and chairs can be placed casually; the direction of the umbrella surface can be rotated freely, and the sun can be blocked at will. Compared with other umbrellas, the Roman umbrella has better shading effect and more convenient operation. The Roman umbrella is controlled by the handle to rotate and lift, which saves effort and worry.

2.The Roman umbrella is a single-sided umbrella, but compared with ordinary single-sided umbrellas, it is characterized by a large inclination of the front of the umbrella and a large area under the umbrella. Because of this, the overall structure of the Roman umbrella is strong and stable, and the skeleton is used. Aluminum alloy material, the overall design reveals a simple and atmospheric style.

The umbrella cloth of Roman Umbrella is made of thick and dense fabric, the effect of sunshade is unparalleled, the umbrella cloth and the umbrella ribs are integrated, revealing the domineering and general luxury temperament of who I am.

Roman umbrella

Three.Banana umbrella

1. The banana umbrella column is independent on one side and has a 100% space utilization rate.

2. Precisely designed transmission mechanism and pulley system can be easily opened and closed by one person.

3. Beautiful and beautiful, with the umbrella base of the water tank, it can withstand strong winds below level 5.

4. The main body and the seat are separated in design, and the two can be easily separated or combined without any tools, and it is very easy to move and carry.

5. The banana umbrella cloth can be easily removed and cleaned.

The appearance is unique, and the design is quite fashionable. The overall shape and structure are beautiful and the lines are clear, which can give people a pleasing feeling.

Umbrella fabrics :are made of professional polyester fabrics. Studies have shown that thick fabrics have better UV resistance than thin fabrics. Generally speaking, fabrics such as cotton, silk, nylon, and viscose have poor UV protection, while polyester fabrics are better. Good, polyester cloth has the characteristics of waterproof, sun protection, non-fading, strong UV resistance, etc. The umbrella cloth colors include dark green, wine red, beige, water blue, dark blue, brown, orange, dark yellow, green, etc., and The shiny color of the umbrella surface is more pretty and lively.

The banana umbrella surface can be silk-printed with company logo and patterns, the printing is vivid and clear, and the color will never fade.

Umbrella bracket :Umbrella pole and bending pole are made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy. The octagonal design makes it stretch better, has strong wind resistance, is hard and not easy to break, or deformed by extrusion, and the electrostatic spray surface can withstand wind Blowing in the sun, does not fade easily and affects the appearance.

Our skeleton parameters are as follows: octagonal aluminum umbrella pole 48MM, octagonal aluminum curved pole: 42MM, oval iron umbrella rib: 13*22MM.

Umbrella base:Our banana umbrella base uses a special water tank base, which is 6KG before water injection, and around 55KG after water injection. The design of the main body and the base combine to make it more stable.

Traditional marble bases are expensive in transportation, easy to damage, bulky and inconvenient in use, and water chestnuts are easy to knock and hurt people. Our water tank base is easy to transport and use, compressive, anti-falling and anti-aging, and the corners are all curved, which will not hurt people.

Banana umbrella

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