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Don't take umbrella, inverted umbrella, a speakerphone umbrella, tailored for you a don't have to take umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-24
Turned out to be a sunny day, local health workers are cleaning streets, 'surface suddenly began to rain, rain is asking too much less than 1 minute', says ms everyone everywhere shelter from the rain, the workers also take shelter from the rain umbrella, but initially found on duty personnel remain on guard in the rain, 'he was holding an umbrella walking in the past, to block rain on duty personnel'. On duty personnel is higher than you, you take the umbrella not tired? 吗? If there was one on duty personnel a umbrella in hand, workers need not so pain, on duty personnel also don't get wet in the rain and will not affect the work. Out moment of umbrella became the essentials, summer rainy days too much, go out with the number of times with. But for a portable shopping booty, and umbrellas. Couples with an umbrella walking in the rain, advertising on a rainy day with a walk worthy of 'oh, but there are always find it hard to place, hard to avoid in this one will get wet. But it need not take umbrella, can shelter happiness ran holding hands, as long as you and rain is enough for me. Go out for treasure mother holding a baby is the first priority, but is not easy for the baby to hold an umbrella, bao mother holding the baby, and baby take concerns on an umbrella to the rain, please treasure mom go out must bring a without umbrella in hand, can look at the baby also caught in the rain. In the wind and rain hold up an umbrella for her, but in spite of himself into a drowned rat, to say the tailor one for disabled people don't have to take umbrella.
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