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Double deck golf umbrella, golf umbrella, security umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-05
Often on TV, golf course, senior club, field, or star in place, can see the different styles of golf umbrella. Because the golf umbrella big and strong, safe and secure to the person in the storm, now more and more popular, also often can see in the streets. Golf umbrella, the main features is large, can be said to be able to get in the hands of the largest umbrella, it is because of the large, it is the most popular in the gale heavy rain, give a person a big sunny day, and can accommodate up to 2 - Three people, it is a security umbrella. But there are advantages and disadvantages, the umbrella too easy to 'drive', the wind blows one hand can not hold, then the designer according to the structure of the China pavilion, designed the lower level of double golf umbrella, wind, water into do not come, industry also called false double golf umbrella. Usually the size of the golf umbrella in 27 inches - Between 30 inches, the use of materials more exquisite. An umbrella to most is the umbrella, umbrella umbrella cloth with laceration resistant scratch senior high elastic 190 t touch attack cloth fabric, and strong umbrella surface water repellency, put an end to big umbrella rain outside embarrassing. Another umbrella is the core of the whole umbrella, double golf umbrella, USES the thickening of super high-density elastic fiber glass, increase the fracture strength and toughness, and lightweight. On the market a lot of cheap umbrella, will use frame, make the umbrella becomes heavy, no ductile iron, withstand wind and rain beat, was supposed to make you a gentleman elegant double golf umbrella, may at any time in the rain bow in homage, you feel overwhelmed, so normally we do not recommend custom-made frame. Golf umbrella handle many choose EVA ( Commonly known as sponge) , this handle, feel is good, the disadvantage is that after be affected with damp be affected with damp, if not timely dry, easy to mold raw white. Have made plastic handle or wood handle, but it is better to deserve to go up the rubber handle, The cost would be higher 2 - 3 yuan/a) 's very comfortable, soft hard moderate, in my hand, let's yi xin also can customize various kinds of high-end handle, such as straight rod of wood bent, Rolls-Royce and gold-plated metal handle and so on. Want to know more please contact yi xin
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