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Explain the meaning and function of umbrellas

Explain the meaning and function of umbrellas


As an indispensable item in our daily life, umbrellas play a great role. It has many functions, such as shelter from wind and rain, sunshade, as a tent, as a wind and sand, as an ornament, as a hook, as a parachute, as a shield, as a gift, as a handicraft appreciation, as a pole for picking things, and as a walking stick. and many more. Next, let us analyze the meaning of its existence step by step.


Umbrella's use one: shelter from wind and rain; this is the original intention of the inventor, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Umbrella's use two: sunshade and sunscreen; as people’s awareness of health increases, Meimei people take care of their appearance, the development of technology, and consumption

With the improvement of the level, nowadays umbrellas are becoming more and more expensive, and the range of use is wider. They are UVA/UVB resistant, light and compact.

The thid purpose of the umbrella: to keep out wind and sand; in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, there are often sandstorms in a certain season. If you don’t wear a windbreaker or a mask, you can use an umbrella to withstand it.

Umbrella purpose four: Hide the ugliness; if there are unsightly little points on the face, or if you cried the night before and became a "Monkey King" the next day, or the person was beaten, as long as you don't want others to see it, you can block it with an umbrella. Cover up for a while

Of course, this is a little joke


Umbrella purpose five: To block dirt; if you are walking on the street, you will suddenly smell the stench from a distance (such as dead mice, vomit, garbage, etc.)

When I didn't go through that path, I held my breath, and I was disgusted by the smell, and I almost vomited. At this time, you can use an umbrella to block your peripheral vision.

Umbrella use six: Some women who love beauty who pay attention to matching, fashion she is no longer limited to just matching clothes, pants and shoes, even umbrellas

Harmony with the color of the clothes. Therefore, people who see umbrellas on the street are not necessarily to protect the skin or anything else, but to match the overall effect.

Umbrella purpose seven:Advertising function; now supermarkets have many gift umbrellas for what to buy, and there are product names and slogans on the umbrellas, and the supermarkets also offer their own

Umbrella, as a gift for customers to advertise for themselves for free, a wise move, don’t say how high the cost of an umbrella, anyway, the umbrella given by the supermarket

The eighth purpose of the umbrella: defense function; once introduced in a TV show, what women can usually use to resist the "wolves" approaching themselves, You can use pepper spray, you can use a sharp key, you can use a high heel, you can also use an umbrella. A long umbrella can be equivalent to a lightweight.

Iron rod, "shrink bone cover" can hit the wrist of the enemy who wants to grab you, or throw it casually, a sharp knife to cut the mess is better than nothing

Umbrella use nine: to increase intimacy; if you go to the street with a favorite object just now, it is indispensable. No matter what day, as long as you want to be with him.She came closer and opened her umbrella. Invite him/her together under the same "eave", it's so romantic!

The tenth purpose of the umbrella: isolation; as opposed to the nineth purpose, this is the time when you encounter people who you don’t want to get too close and have no choice but to walk together.

Open an umbrella, protect yourself with an umbrella, and deny his/her entry.


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