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Fan spray mist sun umbrellas, fan spray umbrella - The black science and technology of umbrella industry

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-15
The sun umbrella shade is out of question, but the sorching summer, is a pure natural bamboo steamer, shade at the same time, also have to cool down! ! ! So imagination amazed to yi xin, amway gave us a black technology fan spray mist sun umbrella! Yi xin to bring this umbrella, the biggest difference is that, umbrella set at the top of the fan and the spray device, start, with the aid of the evaporation of the water mist effect, can bring the body instantly refreshed feeling, air conditioning is moving head, go to where, where is cool ~ you may have a doubt, spray umbrella, fog where it came from? At the picture, in the aid of an external bottle of mineral water, umbrella handle position, need to screw up a bottle of water, using standard mineral water bottles, pick up, at the end of the sunshade to the spray button, can from the inside of the straw absorbing water, after atomized spray out overhead ~ in addition, the umbrella handle can be installed 4 - inside Section 5 v battery, and not very demanding, basic can continuous spray 5 hours! The umbrella is a special cloth, vinyl PG clear uv protection umbrella shade, umbrella spray cooling fan wind. A rainy day increased the umbrella, effectively increase the rain area, put an end to embarrassing the umbrella wet. Also can be printed as required on the surface of the umbrella logo or pattern, 100 minimum!
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