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Fan umbrellas, fans, prevent bask in, why can you cool and refreshing in the crowd

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-11
Every holiday outside wall of the unreasonable, each big scenic spot has been occupied by a human head, would you like to see the road ahead, you think about the toe also can not see the road ahead, you can only in the crowd with slow moving, step a offset printing let you want to go back to the impulse, don't go out in this lifetime. But this wave, the holidays you still go out, the winter is good, the stretch is warm, summer is not so good treatment, people close to the people, on the body, the weather has to inform you that nature has been open to 50 degrees of heat, even streaming a wave of sweat allows you to instantly. Now taobao omniscient, mobile phone with 2 blades, playing mobile phone while blowing, but how long can you phone support your treasure? What does that mean you have to take charge, the big sun, you also have to umbrellas, carrying a bag, think of all this firepower, allow you to add many burdens in the trip, particularly in the queue, will make the heart special fret, fantasy air conditioning calculate, even could have a portable fan, that's all, don't beg other, lined after this wave, small is back, don't come, don't go out anymore. It says here, there are still a artifacts appear, charging treasure, fan, umbrella, since the joint. Allow you to enjoy your cool and refreshing space, whether very 6. 66. Prevent bask in, charging, but also can block a wave of the summer rains. Fan umbrella sun heat, cool summer standard fan umbrella, we are also afraid of hot people, old, afraid of crowded, so go out with such artifacts, is a sense of security, generally put battery, can continue to use a few hours is enough. The fan umbrella travel in the summer, it is very worthy of ~
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