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Fifty percent uv protection umbrella, umbrella, umbrella uv fan, summer essential uv protection umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-12
Intense ultraviolet light if there is no ready to prevent bask in summer measures can easily lead to early old skin, black spots, excessive sun will happen a variety of skin diseases. Choose a with uv protection umbrella, can have very good protection effect to the skin. Uv protection umbrella is essential to prevent bask in summer outdoors tools, handfuls of umbrella can keep out the sun for people, also can become a beautiful scenery of the street. Yi xin to you recommend a few summer uv protection umbrella, in the first paragraph: direct uv fan umbrella, not only in the scorching sun suntan can also fan. Thirty percent in the second paragraph hand open uv protection umbrella, uv UPF> 50, as shown in figure. 3 mini petite uv protection umbrella, suitable for young women put fifty percent umbrella bag. Whether for personal use or give gifts, yi xin can solve the problem of summer sun for you.
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