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Girls' favorite Japanese embroidered sunscreen princess umbrella

Girls' favorite Japanese embroidered sunscreen princess umbrella


Embroidery has been an art since ancient times. People who touch it for the first time can feel its uniqueness. The embroidered craftsmanship with concavity and convexity is woven with beautiful silky threads and yarns.

This umbrella is not only beautiful, but the bag is also very thoughtful, and the handle is very special. Although the umbrella surface does not have many colors, it is just a simple solid color, and the style is also very simple, but it is not lacking in details, and it is a very attractive style. And the texture of the umbrella surface is very good, fine workmanship, beautiful and easy to use.

This embroidered edge is matched with a golden curved hook umbrella. It is different from other embroidered umbrellas. It only adds an embroidered edge on the side of the umbrella. Its exquisite embroidery lace adopts multiple complex exquisite embroidery umbrella edges, which will not fade, and the concave-convex feel is delicate

It is simple yet luxurious. It also has a thick vinyl coating technology that has good sun protection effect and a golden hook design. Hanging on your wrist when you go out, the frame is made of aluminum alloy ultra-light material, which is a powerful and beautiful umbrella.

Embroidered umbrella.jpg


The inner layer of the umbrella surface adopts a black glue sunscreen coating, which can block the direct ultraviolet rays of the umbrella surface, and has the effect of heat insulation and sun protection. The base layer protection layer, the HIC intermediate layer protection, and the uppermost layer of the coating, three Layer protection, under the sun, the umbrella surface can absorb most of the heat to achieve the effect of heat insulation.

Even in June and July, when the ultraviolet rays are the strongest, you can safely guarantee that you will not get sunburned when you use this umbrella.


Its advantage is not only that it can provide a strong sun protection effect, but also can be used as an umbrella on rainy days. Even if the umbrella cloth is exposed to rain for a long time, it will not affect the sun protection performance of the umbrella. Because it uses 300D/50D high-density umbrella cloth, with super water-repellent and waterproof canopy, rainwater does not penetrate, protects the internal sunscreen coating, and eliminates the problem of umbrella cloth leakage.

When it is used on a rainy day, the rain water will bounce when it falls on it. When you put the umbrella away, you only need to shake it gently, and the raindrops on the umbrella will drip down, and it will not wet the clothes.


The integrated hook design of the umbrella cloth, the umbrella pole is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, while striving for lightness, it also ensures the wind resistance and damage resistance of the umbrella

It also has a feature, that is: light. The folded length is 29cm, and the weight is only 180 grams. How much is 180 grams? Just the weight of an apple or an ipone mobile phone, it is suitable for girls to use and will not be burdened. Plus ultra-light umbrella stand, aluminum alloy umbrella stand, plus fiberglass umbrella ribs, 6-bone ultra-light design, easy to carry, no pressure on the hand, can be used for a long time, hands will not be sore


One thing to note is that due to its light frame, it may not be suitable for use in stormy weather. Even if it has a strong resistance to wind and rain, it is not worth mentioning in the face of strong wind and rain.

Finally, there is a small science popularization. How to measure the heat shielding effect? In an environment with a temperature of 35°, a special simulated sunlight lamp is used to irradiate the umbrella surface. When not in use, the values after 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes are extracted and averaged. , The measurement sample is random sampling.

A good umbrella must undergo multiple tests to ensure the most effective effect before it can be sold in the market. If it is sold and the quality is not good by customers, it will definitely smash its own brand.

Young girls nowadays are very suitable to have an embroidered umbrella like this, very suitable for posing and street photography, simple and yet elegant, holding the umbrella as if they are a princess.

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