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Glow LED umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, define belongs to your glorious rainy night

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-09
Define your glorious rainy night remember when I was a child with good friend hold an umbrella for the spray is in the rain, do you remember how many rains with you what it is, do you remember xu xian and the white niang son of the engagement, an umbrella to infinite nostalgia? The umbrella is a good gift is also a kind of culture, accumulate rhyme and do so! Off the mark of life, when years alone umbrellas into the memory, miss so beautiful! Life is like an umbrella, when rain comes opens is beautiful, the wind and rain to closed is insipid. Our life, which involve the ordinary, in beautiful, love in our hearts. You now have an umbrella, so can the sun, rain and cool at night to burst, let you turn head blunt speed by 200%, it is LED umbrella, also called light umbrella. Isn't it a dream? Isn't it cool? Feel feels dye-in-the-wood of science and technology? LED umbrella for straight rod commonly umbrella, umbrella cloth material for 190 t touch attack cloth, umbrella material for fiber material, bar is acrylic material, handle material for the plastic material in general. Generally there are three kinds of luminous way, umbrella bead tail light, acrylic rods in light, and the handle at the bottom of the flashlight type. LED umbrella not only can make you to become the most shining star in the night, also can improve your safety factor or walking in the rain at night, can let the vehicle in the distance you can clear your existence, to avoid unnecessary accidents. Handle the flashlight function, can light up the road, see the road ahead, convenient search the insides of the bag and go home to open the door don't have to worry about too dark can't find the keyhole. Look so cool after the lights of the umbrella is special move, can't wait to customize to your glorious rainy night? Quanzhou yi xin trading co. , LTD. Is specialized in custom color umbrella, inverted umbrella, gift umbrella, leds luminous umbrella, golf umbrella, folding umbrella, umbrella business high-quality design many kinds of umbrella.
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