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Golf umbrella, custom golf umbrella, do you know the characteristics of the custom golf umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-06
Mention golf umbrella, most people think of first is used only in golf umbrella, now it is actually in many places, such as hotel, 4 s shops, Banks, property management, various business occasions and so on, and even national leadership meeting, there will be a highlight the noble atmosphere golf umbrella, and now there are a lot of business gifts. Biggest feature is its golf umbrella, all in 27 inch - normal specifications 32 inches, can accommodate 3 - Four people used at the same time. Golf umbrella skeleton in synthetic material fiber, fiber umbrella stand toughness ensure lightweight umbrella, and won't be blown off by strong winds. Golf umbrella by the masses, gradually began to focus on love, in the rain season of washing
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