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Golf umbrella, custom golf umbrella, golf invitational custom-built golf umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-05
Golf umbrella with rods of the most common hand open golf umbrella, straight rod automatically golf umbrella, there are twenty percent since the open golf umbrella, etc. , due to the large umbrella, tend to be more for a ride, after a gust of wind, strength is smaller, often with instability, more and more humanized design, will this problem better, says countries make it one country _ layer above, tall than leak hole, just cover, upper and lower two layers of a small amount of suture needle and thread, normal use, the rain into the umbrella, and when the wind blew, surplus flux to China, also p pipe material are compared. Today in synthetic materials all fiber, fiber umbrella stand toughness, guarantee the umbrella base easily blown off by strong winds. But there are some standing on the CARDS 'or this point of view, using phase bone ( Money village) Or figure bone ( Iron material) How long, to use the umbrella will be broken, normally we do not recommend friends to choose. 2. Fabrics golf umbrella fabric choose middle-grade umbrellas more special fabrics, mainly there are 19 p0 cloth, nylon 190 silver tape with this fabric, made umbrella to umbrella surface flat function, for you too, long summer heat, gorgeous color, make people feast for the eyes. 190 pg cloth ( And is often referred to as touching clothing) Feel is soft, have qualitative feeling, it is plain, let a person feel sedate and easy. 3 habitat hand golf umbrella handle many choose EVA ( Commonly known as sponge) , this handle, feel is good, the disadvantage is that after be affected with damp be affected with damp, if not timely dry, easy to mold raw white. Also have choose plastic rubber handle ( The cost would be higher 2 - 3 yuan/a) It's very comfortable, soft hard moderate, hold in hand.
Nowadays, the adoption of straight umbrella in custom umbrella manufacturer industry is quite common.
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