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Golf umbrella, custom umbrella, umbrella factory, such as golf umbrella you met?

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-06
Now more and more golf umbrella style, the most common is straight rod open hand golf umbrella, straight rod automatically open hand golf umbrella, also has a double golf umbrella and so on. Emphasis to introduce the double golf umbrella today. In order to solve the wind resistance of good golf umbrella, we did a lot of improvement on the golf umbrella, one of the most common practice is to make the double umbrella surface, a layer below the top of the umbrella surface made void, then on a layer above cover a layer above, below the upper hole bigger than drafty, so just cover, the upper and lower two layers with a small amount of needle stitching. We normally use, rain is usually into the umbrella, and when the wind is blowing, just surplus void, top row out. Another approach is to make double the umbrella stand, modelled on the structure of China pavilion, the wind get by, the rain can't scoring. These improvements in order to make golf umbrella bring better effect of wind and rain.
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