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Golf umbrella, 'dozen umbrella for so many years, I still like golf umbrella'

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-10
As the 'four good youth' of the new world also is to have the pursuit of open an umbrella, in most cases, will use the golf umbrella receive important clients and guests, so deep understanding of the golf umbrella and a lot of. In terms of size, golf umbrella than other umbrella, beach umbrella, or even straight shank of the specifications of the umbrella, usually is 25 inch, 27 inches, 30 inches, 33 inches, this size is enough to make other umbrella ''t '. Little has the advantages of small, a big advantage, in particular, I like the big golf umbrella, because it can give me full of sense of security. Under the umbrella doesn't need to worry about whether it will get wet. From material structure, the golf umbrella umbrella more originality than others and more quality, regular folding umbrella, straight umbrella umbrella as used in the iron, zinc, nickel and other material, but the golf umbrella is basically fiber skeleton, compared with more flexibility, strong degree, also reflects the wind effect of it, life will be better. 'A golf umbrella can be used for ten years, it is not exaggeration, the real golf umbrella is can withstand the test of time, there can always stay. Golf umbrella is divided into two kinds, single and double, size is too big for a ride, easily so clever designer made two umbrella surface layer, middle short, rain into do not come, the wind to, so that in stormy weather also not said even people carry an umbrella was taken together. Want to learn more knowledge of golf umbrella, want to learn how to customize the LOGO on the golf umbrella can feel free to contact me!
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