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Golf umbrella, fan umbrella, new golf umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-02
Golf umbrella has been the business government people commonly used umbrella, its characteristic is big enough. Easily meet 2 - Three adults use. Because of its elegant atmosphere, also have been favored by all business people like. Traditional golf umbrella just have rain the sun umbrella function. But as the pace of The Times, all sorts of distinctive umbrella also gradually geared to the needs of the masses. 'Straight rod fan umbrella' as the name suggests it is a with the function of the fan umbrella, add a few door leaf under the umbrella, umbrella handle battery groove design, control circuit through put inside in the bar got hives, achieve control of the role of the fan. When people feel hot press the switch, then that is a refreshing breeze. Recent show there was a 'straight rod fan spray umbrella', the umbrella above the original fan umbrella adds a sprayer, the main function is to squirt water mist, to purify air, increase air humidity, reduce the temperature under the umbrella. These functional golf umbrella's interview, is bound to attract a wave and eye, yi xin accept various umbrellas customized service.
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