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Golf umbrella, golf double umbrella, single golf umbrella, golf umbrella home

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-22
Everyone in life often need golf umbrella, golf umbrella and rain for you, but you know why golf umbrella is called golf umbrella? Golf umbrella is really special when playing golf umbrella, generally speaking, than the general umbrella will be more suitable for golf professional. But now golf umbrella when used to play golf with an umbrella, not just a lot of high-grade hotels, villas, clubhouse and club also like to use the golf umbrella as a guest with an umbrella, or gifts. And golf umbrella also commonly used in life, at home for a 30 inch of golf umbrella, three umbrellas with don't have to worry about the clothes were wet, the problem of the clothes were wet. Golf umbrella umbrella is much big than normal, usually have 27 inches, 30 inches, 32 inch is 34 inches, even is a umbrella in hand, the whole family safe. Golf umbrella, umbrella is usually with glass fiber and carbon fiber composition, characteristic is light and durable, will not rust and deformation, excellent toughness. Single golf umbrella, golf umbrella some points double golf umbrella, false double golf umbrella, make double umbrella cloth because golf size easy to drive, double the inside of the umbrella cloth can make love to go out, but the wind outside into do not come, it is a bit like the structure of the pavilion in ancient China.
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