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Golf umbrella, golf, golf car, the golf umbrella must know those things

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-20
Golf is a first impression of golf, but it also has another name for the other two. A, golf car car is now essential travel tools, many car brands, including 'mass' brand was deeply loved by people, from comfortable Angle to think, golf series car is a good choice. Is no stranger to production umbrella, golf umbrella, but for those who consumed, they only know the umbrella, folding umbrella, straight rod umbrella these words, but don't know the golf umbrella, also is a stranger to the word. That said, what is golf umbrella today? And what are the features and benefits of it? Golf umbrella is dedicated to play golf with, it is better than general umbrella in golf, and its production is specialized for golf. It is one of the features of large, golf umbrella umbrella face a much bigger than the average with an umbrella, 27 and 30 inches is the regular size of golf umbrella, of course, someone in the production of 32 inches large golf umbrella. The frame of the umbrella is used more fiber, glass fiber, carbon fiber, strong toughness is not quickly broken. Single and double again golf umbrella, and double layers is divided into double deck and false god, where it can also have a variety of selection. Golf umbrella is in dedicated to play golf, it is the production of professional for golf, than general more accord with the needs of the golf umbrella, golf umbrella is also commonly used on the golf course, because when you play golf is outdoors, often windy, umbrella design into two layers, the middle can leak, wind resistance will be reduced, the stability is easier to take the umbrella, now in addition to the golf course by the more occasions choose to adopt golf umbrella, as some senior centre and hotel to greet customers with golf umbrella. Quanzhou yi xin trading co. , LTD. , professional custom make all kinds of beautiful golf umbrella, can also be printed on your company's LOGO can display your company's brand, the company product quality excellent price!
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