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by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-25
The British Isles a reach of aerospace engineers invented a pair of umbrella can change the British life. He is a 61 - year - old British aeronautical engineer inventor JenanKazim Sir. After retirement, Kazim and mother-in-law Anna lived in a village, often go to visit old man's house. Rainy day, he entered the room when you receive the umbrella rain, ground always complained by the old man's house. Anna their umbrellas closed umbrella back to her room, will also get a floor of the water. Rainy days are long, all sorts of umbrellas around on his head like a fight. Get in the car is the most troublesome, and the body against the door had to shelter from the rain quickly closed umbrella cross legs, wear long skirt high-heeled shoes of woman, a beautiful skirt beautiful shoes will stick on the rain dripping down the umbrella, get in the car and make the floor is full of water damage. After seeing these situations Kazim, thought, and if they could design the fold and can prevent rainwater drain new umbrella should have much good. Kazim original idea is to change the traditional design, let the umbrella when away more quickly. He went to the British museum of umbrella, because the umbrella is multifarious, there can be included in the sun umbrellas, paragliders, space umbrella, umbrella, and explore the principle and structure of all kinds of umbrella. On the way back, he suddenly thought of golf umbrella, driving to the day a golf course, he found that the design of the golf umbrella interesting. Kazim listed the defect of traditional umbrella, such as: when the winds 'flower' ( Deformation) ; Keep out in front of the line of sight; Easy to forget home; Umbrella head will stab the person; It is too long; Volume is too big; Occupy a hand, not to mention things; Sit bus rain wet easy to others; Open the home and dry; Umbrella will rust; Umbrella cloth permeable; From easy to break; The weather is fine collection carrying inconvenience; Cannot be served as a sun umbrella; After a lot of practice, and constantly study and hard work, three months 'time, he created a new inverse folding multipurpose umbrella: open the way from down to up, but the umbrella open way than people think. He will be up and down two floors airtight suture needle and thread, normal use, the rain into the umbrella, and the wind blowing, along the empty top rank. Open an umbrella does not fear many people fight, shouldn't be make into a home in the rain. Getting on or off, never caught in the rain, beautiful shoes not to rub the rain. Sit in the car can smooth umbrella, and reverse fold also let rainwater was locked in the interior of the umbrella, don't worry about it will drop all over the place. And with the heavy rains and high winds it will not be afraid, after being blown slanting, just press the button can quickly recover. New design means that the user once put away your umbrella, you can stay dry for a long period of time in the whole, but also can avoid injury in the strong wind. So many new umbrella, although every price at about 45 pounds, market reaction. Umbrella also fashion beauty acclaimed with British airways flight attendant. There are more than a dozen travel company, and British department store personally by the underwriting contract.
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