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by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-30
From material selection to production to sales, golf umbrella dependable guarantee yi xin yi xin company co. , LTD. Golf umbrella belongs to high-grade umbrella tend to use what material? To look at the customers to use occasion of golf umbrella, umbrella material requirements, the design of golf umbrella, size is also a lot of, if the material is iron so general umbrella this umbrella doesn't show high-grade places in particular, with good fabric cost will go up is not worth, if do iron generally is silver polyester fabric with polyester cloth or the cloth of such general point, the advantage is the cost of the whole umbrella can control materials are not too high and two match, make the sense that gives a person also is pretty good. Umbrella were all fiber we would recommend with PG cloth fabric, the fabric feel is also elastic, compared with an umbrella to do the whole umbrella face very full umbrella is very good-looking, general with PG's golf umbrella cloth, cloth of PG is belong to the golf umbrella fixed fabric, so now a lot of PG cloth color is also available can ask the customer to pick, would include SanSiShiGe color, so that when customers choose to do an umbrella can choose with his cloth color printing LOGO, in recent years, many customers choose to do golf umbrella thus promote the sales of PG cloth, a few years ago do golf umbrella fewer customers, PG cloth market also is small, but as the customers are increasingly demanding for the quality of the umbrella, golf umbrella began to slowly spread, which makes the demand of PG cloth, so now we do normal golf umbrella is to choose the PG cloth fabric production. Golf umbrella handle much choose EVA material, the handle, feel is good, also have choose plastic handle or wooden umbrella handle, but it is better to handle with rubber paint, soft hard moderate, in my hand have qualitative feeling very much, but the cost will increase accordingly.
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