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Golf umbrella, golf umbrella, golf umbrella, high-end umbrellas for universal understanding

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-29
Understanding of universal high-end umbrellas fabric, there are mainly three kinds of, cost from low to high followed by: polyester, PG cloth, transparent plastic film, nylon fabric. From 1. Features are: polyester cloth color is gorgeous, umbrella fabric on hand rub, crease, obviously not easy also. Cloth when rub moves, feel there is resistance, there will be a rustling sound when rub. On the polyester coated with a layer of silver sol, the following, we usually say silver glue umbrella, silver tape with uv protection function of the basic is good, but after a long time, folding Fang Yin glue easier to escape. On the surface of the polyester coated with a layer of light silver powder, into what we usually call pearl cotton umbrella, pearl cloth color is gorgeous, ms is deep love, but the sun's ultraviolet prevention effect is not ideal. 2. PG PG cloth cloth is also called touch attack cloth, cloth is a new type of fabric density lighting strike. PG has the following characteristics: dumb light in colour. Fabric feel like cotton and texture, keep out the light performance is good, although the PG cloth cost is higher, but his function more comprehensive, 99% uv protection, quality stability, color is high grade, high quality good umbrella cloth, general PG cloth is dedicated to high-grade umbrella umbrella surface. 3. A variety of nylon nylon fabric is the umbrella fabric in high-grade, ponchos colour and lustre is gorgeous and colorful, the feeling of holding in your hands is like silk, with the hand rub moves back and forth, the friction resistance is very small. But this kind of cloth has a fatal flaw, are greatly influenced by the humidity, umbrella cloth surface will shrink more serious and may even affect for the umbrella surface to open and close properly. So in our normal umbrella fabric, this is not going to be much more special. Transparent plastic transparent umbrella which became popular in recent years, his umbrella surface is usually POE or PVC plastic as material, mostly with many different designs and colors. Columns such as vinyl layer fabric black glue layer fabric compared to other umbrella fabric has the following advantages: 1. Not easy ageing, silver glue fabric after a long time use is easy to cause the coating aging fall off; 2. Fall under the umbrella temperature, black glue layer fabrics made of sunshade golf umbrella, generally can be effectively reduced the temperature in the sun 5 - 7℃; 3. Super uv protection, the golf umbrella available in the market for vinyl coating process or fabric quality is different, its true whether uv protection performance are different, more convenient testing method is: the use of mobile phones on the flash lamp, sunshade fabric for use in the dark cases close to flash, look to whether have. Golf umbrella of the most common type: straight rod hand open golf umbrella, straight rod automatically golf umbrella, twenty percent since open some, such as golf umbrella, because the umbrella is too big, many times more for a ride, when high winds in the lead, the strength is smaller, somewhat with the demanding, more and more humanized design, will this umbrella problem solved, do the improvement on the golf umbrella umbrella, the general practice is made double umbrella surface, a layer below umbrella surface part at the top of the void, then on a layer above cover a layer above, below is slightly larger than the drafty hole, just as long as the cover, the upper and lower two layers of umbrella surface crack again a few needle stitching, leisure travel, can let the rain into the umbrella inside, when the wind blew, poor along the seam void, umbrella bumps is out.
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