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Golf umbrella, golf umbrella, golf umbrella, love is the kind cannot say can't see, also real subtle things!

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-28
Love is the kind could not say invisible, but also a real subtle things! Early autumn night, the water of the fountain flows with beautiful flowers, roof garden lamp shining faintly in the dim light, mingled with underground with rain, a quiet, harmonious, rippling poetic picture. I with my father and mother, hold up a black golf umbrella to go for a walk. In memory, as if for a long time without such three people crowded under an umbrella. The rain, a piece of quiet. Under the rain, so sweet. I happily singing out of tune tune, while mom and dad talking about I don't understand adult topic between. Gradually under the big rain, the wind also gradually rise. If just the rain is the delicate soft gusu girl, that is the heroic song northwest strong man now. A golf umbrella, for the three of us, there are some small. Dad strong arm forcefully, umbrella handles, and afraid to be blown away. ' 'umbrella slanting. 'I muttered, I saw my mother and I on top of black, father of ink grey overhead. Dad heard me whisper, said: 'the wind, nothing. 'At this time, small wind, I think if the umbrella is blown slanting, also it is now. Umbrella slanting, not because there is wind. It rained more and more umbrella inclined. Beads tick and fell to the ground, make some splash, splash on the father's legs, father is still will be tilted umbrella, as happened in childhood memories. Mother insisted on the umbrella centralizer, dad smiled and said: 'it's ok. 'Continue to tilt the umbrella, the rain more fiercely. Mom and dad to continue talking, laughing, now and then I whisper 'umbrella more crooked. 'The wind blowing, blowing the willow branches, blowing the string of my heart moved. Raindrops fell on the back of my hand, some cold, but I still feel warm. Yi xin co. , LTD
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