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Golf umbrella, golf umbrella, golf umbrella, no rainbow umbrella of the child

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-25
No rainbow umbrella children looked at the blue sky, think it's the wind last night, a dark, blow the cloud away, then. But why? When I see a cloud very close, see you is already far away. We are still students, is a good neighbor, are good friends. They say you stupid, learning is very bad. But you still want to by my side, because only I can see you are thinking seriously wrinkled forehead, his concentration under heavy eyebrows. I know you really hard, really hard. Despite the derision in edification. You treat me like a best friend. Friends can be self-denial in the afternoon it rains cats and dogs. I can only so describe. Dense rain falling in sparse crowd, me and those who don't rainbow umbrella children ran desperately. I don't expect who will appear in this, because the street panic expression not inconsistent with this weather smile a little. But I was wrong, you walked with a light blue rainbow umbrella, and general blue sky, towards me, Shouting my name. You said your home is not far, just in the front. This rainbow umbrella so from my hands. The teacher said you are ill. Is the final examination next week, however, looked at the side of the empty table, you seem to smile in the rain. This classroom is missing for this empty table no atmosphere. I'm just looking at you send the rainbow umbrella. Your table is always empty. You the grade, because failed the final exam a division. You downstairs in the class are against me, and we as if for a year. We're in a junior high school. And that a few hooligans together this is unworthy, seems to be very hard to catch up with the trend, you run in the rain. In spite of the ridicule those like the weather, there is no rainbow umbrella of the child. The farther inside you are and the more they ran. Maybe you have forgotten me, also won't sick because of the rain a little rain. At least you're not going to escape the cold and boring. Above the sky is blue, it is you the blue hold up was supposed to belong to you, and you, the child no rainbow umbrella, in the rain, desperately running. Yi xin co. , LTD
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