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Golf umbrella, golf umbrella, golf umbrella, the highest level of golf umbrella?

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-30
In the world the highest level of golf umbrella? Golf umbrella is a kind of high-grade special outdoor umbrella, we can often in the golf club, racing to see it, the most obvious feature of the umbrella is big, can be said to be to get in the hands of the largest umbrella, are 25 inches - normal specifications 32 inches. As more people understand this umbrella good quality, beautiful appearance generous, sun rain fine characteristics such as good effect, the popularity of golf umbrella gradually, high-grade hotel, a five-star club house, the President villa also started a large number of residential use. Golf umbrella material generally is very elegant and analysis. Umbrella skeleton mostly adopts full fiber composite materials, fiber umbrella stand special high strength and toughness, guarantee the umbrella did not wind break easily. In the world's top luxury umbrella brand, yi xin an umbrella brand to lead the global umbrella cutting-edge design, original patent product, the amazing things. Here are and everyone together to see how: this golf umbrella is called: fool! So as the name implies, according to Chinese classical mythology, gods XiJin flat rule and the world, this period is known as the 'Bronze Age'. This English word, darkye) , especially in Europe, in the text, meaning 'great' and 'amazing'. More powerful is its ultimate, strong enough to withstand extremely on the golf field strong wind ( Including a tornado, you wouldn't believe it? ) 。 Once in tsinghua university of China with a less known and inferior brand do physical wind test, wind up to 500 km per hour, and incredibly don't hurt them. That is what this classic of yi xin golf umbrella! Said that it is an indicator of golf umbrella industry, also is not too much, there are outdoor golf only have strong structural design patent. Conception of miao is in between the general umbrella and umbrella handle a glass fiber, using the material toughness, how much increased was clever. A look at will know that it has a huge umbrella picture: but incredible is 131 cm! Due to this, too much is a special conductive glass fibre, plus a classic black and white, give him to become a rare high-end outdoor products. It has the most humanized design: double exhaust design. Due to the large umbrella, you will have a ride, in a gust of wind, the strength to some smaller, often with arduous, more and more humanized design, will be better solved the problem, and do the improvement on the original finished umbrella, now habit is made double umbrella face, will be the top of the bottom layer of the umbrella surface void, put on a layer above cover a layer above, below umbrella hole are slightly larger than through the wind, just cover the following, two layer using a needle and thread to stitch, normal rainy day travel, can let the rain into the umbrella surface, the wind blowing, then the void, the top is row out. This kind of creative design is amazing! It has a clamp handle pulley, plastic material in hand type of handle can effectively prevent hands sliding, at the same time feel is soft, with excellent quality, and the surface feeling!
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