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Golf umbrella, golf umbrella, golf umbrella, umbrella is introduced

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-28
The ideal introduce umbrella umbrella is people's articles for daily use, the first use of the umbrella, is in human nature make conceived such behavior. After thousands of years of change to promote all kinds of umbrella in modern life. Must have an umbrella and is linked to the name of a sport is golf umbrella movement and umbrella. Golf umbrella is the biggest travel activities can now carry an umbrella, so the canopy width is so big, how to let it not be blown up? As a result of golf umbrella, umbrella also made some improvement, into a double umbrella face, below a layer of the umbrella head below the top vent, a layer above the cover on a layer below, slightly larger than the drafty hole, just enough to cover the, umbrella surface using a needle and thread suture between two layers, so that the normal use of the customer, the rain into the umbrella inside, when the wind blew in surplus of the void, the top was out. Golf umbrella with high quality domestic production concentrated in guangdong and heshan, basic and many coastal developed provinces and cities in zhejiang province. One quality are better in fujian, guangdong, such as yi xin umbrella, with high quality way of golf umbrella soncap certification, through the extreme strict product quality control. Golf umbrella is the umbrella of the king. 。 。 More than we can in the golf club, luxury five-star hotels, luxury residential villas to see them. In golf course, racing to see it, this umbrella great, life is to get in the hands of the largest umbrella, are 25 inches - normal specifications 32 inches. Yi xin co. , LTD. , as more people understand this umbrella good quality, beautiful appearance generous, sun rain fine characteristics such as good effect, the popularity of golf umbrella gradually, especially in recent years the golf umbrella as gifts, business gifts are widely used in high-grade hotels, upscale office property management, high-grade residential villas and also started a large number of USES. Golf umbrella fabric choose middle-grade umbrellas more special fabrics, mainly 190 pg cloth, nylon 190 silver tape with this fabric, made an umbrella face tend to be flat, after rain, but little beads from slipping down soon. Nylon 190 silver tape has the function of multiple uv protection, filter out the sorching summer heat for you, gorgeous colour, looked at the pleasant and pleasing to the eye. 190 pg cloth ( And is often referred to as touch juice cloth) Feel is soft, with excellent touch the face of the sense, it is plain material appearance, good feeling gives a person sedate and easy. Yi xin co. , LTD
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