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Golf umbrella, golf umbrella, there are a different high pretend bility

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-23
Golf umbrella, the car race when see the figure of it, the greatest thing about golf umbrella is big, can say can get in the hands of the largest umbrella, are 25 inches - regular size 32 inches. Follow more people understand the character of this umbrella, appearance is simple and easy, sun rain effect is good wait for a characteristic, number of golf umbrella used throughout, senior hotel, and villa also start mass adoption. Golf umbrella, material selection is also very exquisite. Umbrella skeleton more adopt full fiber material, more resilient, an umbrella will not be the breeze to blow off light night. But in the capital's perspective, the application of bone or bone, often can't use how long, umbrella will be broken, let's not initiative customers use normally. Golf umbrella fabric choose senior umbrella special fabrics, more of the ingredients: there are 190 silver nylon tape and 190 touch endowment cloth, adopt such fabrics, comparing in umbrella umbrella surface is flat, after touching the water, water will slip up soon. 190 t touch the efficacy of silver tape with uv to filter out hot inflammation days of heat for you. The golf umbrella handle choose EVA (more Commonly known as sponge) The handle feel is good, after the problem is to be affected with damp be affected with damp, such as real-time dry, natural moldy easily. Have made plastic handle or wood handle, but the best match on the rubber handle, Will have 2 - high 3 yuan/a) Hold, abnormal soft hard moderate, for abnormal. Is public golf umbrella, tensions have the consequences of waterproof, sunscreen, windproof. Today the mainstream is double umbrella, because the golf umbrella many larger than umbrella as usual, to meteorological wind resistance is to be able to avoid the breeze is too big. The players and the ball package does not get wet in the rain, as usual for golf umbrella with uv protection and water effect, waterproof means not only called golf umbrella. Is ping golf umbrella is our daily ordinary household use will be bigger. Is public golf umbrella to defend the ultraviolet ray ~ ~ ~ ~ against wind rain ~ umbrella plan into two layers, the central ventilation, two layer, umbrella with more easily. Now the rest of the space is really beginning to adopt golf umbrella, hotel reception, etc.
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