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Golf umbrella, high, it is high

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-19
Umbrella family main points in the two major factions, one is the folding umbrella, another is straight rod umbrella. In the most common type of straight rod umbrella is the bigger size golf umbrella. Golf umbrella as the name suggests is suitable for outdoor use, the most obvious feature of the golf umbrella is big, can accommodate 3 - Four people. This is also a golf umbrella is often appear in various business occasions. At the entrance to the mall, the door of the hotel, golf courses and other commercial sites and party, you will see it. And general leadership to attend the activity, if encounter a rainy day, standing behind them will be so a person, as they walked up a golf umbrella and rain. In the current market umbrella, golf umbrella is more common, but the quality is uneven. The umbrella manufacturer thought, fujian is the most, is through the golf umbrella SONCAP certification, product quality control is very strict. Yi xin is a umbrella factory is located in longgang, quality as the foundation of survival, service to each big wholesaler and electric business platform.
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