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Golf umbrella, luminous golf umbrella, security umbrella, safe trip, I protect you

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-07
The other day, I saw the sanitation workers hard in cleaning the road, they besides wearing orange vest, also wearing LED warning lights, that why is orange yellow clothes, the wavelength of the orange is second only to red. Orange high visibility, in industrial safety color, orange is warm color, is very eye-catching, drivers are more likely to have clear, ensure the safety of sanitation workers. In any kind of situation, in order to let the other people can more clearly see the figure of your activities, you have to: seize person eyeball, attract each other, to ensure your safety, especially at the time of travel, night, rain, give people visual impact, many car after open, no obvious signs suggest that there are called blind spots, even closer to discovering, skidded. Resulting in severe property and life safety and now there is a very practical umbrella, rainy day, the light will reflect light after irradiation, so that the vehicle in far away places will find you, this is warning security, also known as a reflective article, what how long? And let's see, see a luminous golf umbrella, umbrella or common umbrella, but the umbrella details to move 'hands'. In addition to the reflective golf umbrella, as well as comprehensive is folding umbrella, also can make security umbrella.
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