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Golf umbrella, professional custom umbrella, speaking of golf, what's your first impression?

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-09
Mention golf, and most people think first impression is a kind of outdoor sports, there is a small part is that a car. And only few people think that is a kind of life supplies - — Golf umbrella! Why call golf umbrella? Not to say that it's shaped like a golf club, but because of who I am what golf field area is larger, can at any time the wind, just the size of the golf umbrella is enough big, windproof performance is good, suitable umbrella in the golf club to use, beautiful appearance is one of the advantages of the umbrella. Now the golf umbrella in a lot of luxury hotels, senior clubs, are often used to gifts. You can imagine it how fire! Choose such a big umbrella, not completely because of its clear protective performance is good, size is large, it's just a small part of advantages, the main reason for choosing golf umbrella three 1, umbrella, umbrella frame adopts fiber material, more strong toughness fiber umbrella stand, this kind of special toughness, to ensure that the umbrella not easily blown off by strong winds. But some people will stand in the Angle of the cost considerations, use other material, but it won't be long before the umbrella will be broken, normally is not recommended for customers to choose. 2, material: golf umbrella fabric choose middle-grade umbrellas more special fabrics. For example: 190 t touch attack, feels soft, use such fabrics, make umbrella umbrella with smooth surface, the water, water droplets down soon. This kind of fabric still have uv protection function, blocking the heat of summer for you. More than 3, umbrella handles: golf umbrella handle choose EVA umbrella handle and rubber umbrella handle, EVA umbrella handle, material is qualitative light, feels softer. Rubber handle umbrella, umbrella handle soft hard moderate, very comfortable in hand. Is integrating the strongpoint of so many umbrella, you are not tempted? City yi xin company is specialized in custom umbrella, feel good to contact!
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