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Golf umbrella, straight umbrella bone, ace agents, ace agents in the exclusive items

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-03
Recently released 'ace agent 2: golden circle, believe you have seen, the story is about the ace agents were destroyed after the British headquarters, Edgar west and merlin went to the United States and the United States federal agents together to fight against organized crime story. 'Perfume,' 'glasses', 'suitcase', 'the lasso' 'umbrella' these are powerful weapons in the film, seemingly ordinary items are useful, of course, these so-called weapons also to need to prepare the props, the plot with the same weapon is often used in our life - — Umbrella, it is in the film the agents often use weapons, can clearly distinguish the bullet trajectories, can open the umbrella surface bulletproof, impact also can be closed to the front of the projection and launch to repel the enemy. 'Ace agent colin in adhering to the' a gentleman style, hand a black rods umbrella, one is a classic scene. Want to know the world's top rain must belong to the golf umbrella, because the British often windy rain, has become the essentials of a good quality golf umbrella. How can that is a good quality golf umbrella? In addition to the workmanship and quality, the material is also very important. A top umbrella requires the use of natural materials, even with the finest of wood, umbrella and umbrella handle shaft must be an organic whole, can show high grade. While the umbrella fabric using lighting strike, only cheap umbrellas will use polyester cloth fabric. Because westerners do not like asians harm tan, so don't usually have asked for sunscreen. Pure handmade is very the key, high-end umbrella is not folding umbrella, also too won't fancy, the key requirement is more durable. But now many of the most high-end umbrella brand goods from umbrella manufacturers in China, is one of the highest quality requirements is the most suitable for foreign customers purchasing site, but yi xin as high-profile custom umbrella factory is our trustworthy!
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