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Golf umbrella, sun umbrella, wine is not afraid of deep alley, that because of it

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-02
Wine is not afraid of deep alley, it is because has its advertising umbrella as a novel modern advertising carrier, high liquidity, bright color and good visual effect, its pattern design is not restricted, structure can be arbitrary selection and beautiful and durable, reasonable price, and other advantages, become a kind of important form of advertising. Advertising umbrella with other forms of advertising incomparable advantages: 1, liquidity: advertising umbrella go, where advertising is 2, wumart price modest: advertising umbrella advertising costs low, manufacturing process, advantages of consumers deep impression 3, wide practical applications: advertising umbrella has the cloudy day wind, rain shelter, the function of the sunshine shading, is one of the men, women and children cannot little daily life supplies; 4, long advertising: advertising umbrella's service life is long, but to the enterprise long-term advertising golf umbrella is outstanding in advertising umbrella, golf umbrella features is large, are 25 inches - normal specifications 32 inches. With high-grade hotel, the upscale office, high-grade residential villas and other some places need a lot of good quality, good material, beautiful appearance generous, sun rain fine characteristics such as good effect, the popularity of golf umbrella gradually. Golf umbrella material often is fastidious. Golf umbrella umbrella skeleton in synthetic materials all fiber, fiber umbrella stand toughness, that umbrella light night not blown off by strong winds. But there are some on the cost point of view, the use of bone ( Iron material) Or round bone ( Iron material) , often before long umbrella will be broken, and we do not recommend that customers use normally. Golf umbrella fabric choose middle-grade umbrellas more special fabrics, mainly 190 pg cloth, nylon 190 silver tape with this fabric, made umbrella umbrella with smooth surface, often get wet in the rain, drops down soon. 190 silver nylon fabric with uv protection function, for you to filter out hot summer heat, gorgeous color, make people feast for the eyes. 190 pg cloth ( And is often referred to as touch attack cloth) Feel is soft, have qualitative feeling, it is plain, let a person feel sedate and easy. Golf umbrella design also is more, now the most common form of a straight rod hand open golf umbrella, straight rod automatically golf umbrella, there are twenty percent since the open golf umbrella, etc. Tend to be more for a ride, because of the large umbrella, after a gust of wind, strength is smaller, often with instability, more and more humanized design, will be better solved the problem, and do the improvement on the golf umbrella, common practice is to put the umbrella flour, double layer, the layer below the top of the umbrella surface void, then on a layer above cover a layer above, below than leak hole, just cover, upper and lower two layers of a small amount of suture needle and thread, normal use, the rain into the umbrella, and when the wind blew, the surplus of the void, the top is out. A practice is similar with some methods, simply turn into double umbrella stand, a bit like a Chinese pavilion, get by wind, the rain into not to come. Golf umbrella custom can contact yi xin
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