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Golf umbrella, the Dragon Boat Festival, a new round of heavy rain patterns was coming

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-03
Heavy rain is caused by the typhoon last week scares you, even more terror have rain in the coming week, love my Dragon Boat Festival holiday. It rained incessantly, go out a little wet, wet a little back, a big wind, umbrella into mushroom umbrella, killed directly, is really a hint of sadness! To leisure walk in the rain, I'm afraid the only umbrella, golf umbrella, umbrella surface large size, stand three people no problem at the same time, and can ensure that the rain will not wet clothes. And golf umbrella is not only the advantages of big, and it's umbrella is very strong, 12 level winds estimation could not shake it, give you a safe and secure. Now this kind of weather, there is no a golf umbrella, also really embarrassed to go out, ha ha!
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